Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mostly Awesome Weekend of Sports

Animal Kingdom pulls off an upset at the Kentucky Derby. Manny Pacquiao defeats Shane Mosely in Las Vegas. The Lakers put together one of the ugliest collapses in NBA history. Al Qaeda hasn't blown anything up yet. It's been a decent week, except for one thing.

The Oklahoma City Thunder. I've been slowly converting to a Thunder fan. I do enjoy watching them play basketball. They are one of the most exciting teams in the NBA right now. I've always been a Detroit Pistons fan. When I was a kid Isiah Thomas was my favorite player (besides Jordan) and I learned the importance of rebounding by watching Dennis Rodman. So of the pro sports teams I've claimed to be a fan of throughout my life, the Pistons are among the oldest. The majority of the Thunder games I've attended have been when the Pistons are in town.  

But times change and I've been trying not to follow the Pistons for two reasons:

1) They are in a painfully slow "rebuilding" phase. Most of the guys I watched win a ring only a few years ago are gone. The ones that are still there are little more than mentors to the new kids. Rasheed Wallace retired, Chauncy Billups is doing great with his new team. So it's hard for me to rally behind a new team that is trying to find its game.

2) To get to a point where I can call myself a true Thunder fan. I've talked to a lot of people that only started to pay attention to the NBA because of the Thunder. I can see why it's easier for them to jump on the band wagon without guilt. A few years back when the Pistons played the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets I joked with some "Hornets" fans about who to cheer for. They were ripping me for cheering for the Pistons (who were having a great season) and accused me of being a band wagon jumper. I laughed and told them to "talk to me when Oklahoma City gets their own team."

I guess now that we have our own team, and we're in the playoffs, it's time to jump that band wagon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Geraldo Might As Well Go To Pakistan And Burn A Pic Of Muhammad

  Osama Bin Laden is dead now. And what does that mean for us? Yes, I think it is a victory. But it doesn't mean the War is over. The death of Bin Laden means we are in the crosshairs more than ever. And having Geraldo romp around D.C. touting it as "Mardi Gras" doesn't help our chances of dodging internet beheadings. My uneducated guess is that Al Qaeda in The Islamic Maghreb will strike a major target by the end of the week. This victory will be short lived.

  I feel bad seeing people pour into Times Square and the streets of D.C. acting like this is a great day. This is not the end of the war. This is no measure of justice. This is not the "book end" of a chapter in American History. This is the end of Chapter One.The end is yet to come.